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2016 Gasper, A.L. de, Olivera, V.A. de, Smith, A.R., Salino, A. (2016) A classification for Blechnaceae (Polypodiales: Polypodiopsida): New genera, resurrected names, and combinations. Phytotaxa 275(3): 191-227.
2016 Baldwin, B.G., Wood, K.R. (2016) Origin of the Rapa endemic genus Apostates: Revisiting major disjunctions and evolutionary conservatism in the Bahia alliance (Compositae: Bahieae). Taxon 65(5): 1064-1080.
2016 Prebble, M., Whitau, R., Meyer, J.-Y., Sibley-Punnett, L., Fallon, S., Porch, N. (2016) Abrupt late Pleistocene climate and ecological change in the island of Tahiti (French Polynesia). Journal of Biogeography 43(12): 2438-2453.
2015 Lorence, D.H., Wagner, W.L. (2015) Heliotropium (Boraginaceae) in the Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia) with description of a new species. PhytoKeys 47: 49-57.
2015 Conn, B. J. (2015) Re-straightening the story of Streblus brunonianus and S. pendulinus (Moraceae). Telopea 18: 73-78.
2014 Wagner, W.L., Clark, J.R., Lorence, D.H. (2014) Revision of endemic Marquesas Islands Bidens (Asteraceae, Coreopsidae). PhytoKeys 38: 37-67.
2014 Appelhans, M.S., Wagner, W.L., Wood, K.R. (2014) Melicope balgooyi Appelhans, W.L. Wagner & K.R. Wood, a new species and new record in Melicope section Melicope (Rutaceae) for the Austral Islands. PhytoKeys 39: 77-86.
2014 Funk, V.A., Wood, K.R. (2014) Bidens meyeri (Asteraceae, Coreopsideae): a new critically endangered species from Rapa, Austral Islands. PhytoKeys 42: 39-47.
2013 Field, A.R., Bostock, P.D. (2013) New and existing combinations of Palaeotropical Phlegmariurus (Lycopodiaceae) and lectotypification of the type species Phlegamiurus phlegmaria (L.) T.Sen & U.Sen. PhytoKeys 20: 33-51. https://doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.20.4007
2013 Swenson, U., Nylinder, S., Munzinger, J. (2013) Towards a new classification of Chrysophylloideae (Sapotaceae) in Oceania and Southeast Asia based on nuclear sequence data. Taxon 62(4): 746-770.
2013 Wagner, W.L., Wagner, A.J., Lorence, D.H. (2013) Revision of Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae) in the Marquesas Islands. PhytoKeys 30: 33–64.
2013 Tornabene, M.W., Wagner, W.L. (2013) New combinations for Pacific endemic species: Marquesan Poaceae, and Micronesian Myrtaceae. PhytoKeys 28: 1-7.
2013 Parris, B.S. (2013) Archigrammitis, a new genus of grammitid fern (Polypodiaceae) from Malesia and Polynesia. Fern Gazette 19(4):135-138.
2012 Yang, Y., Riina, R., Morawetz, J.J., Haervermans, T., Aubriot, X., Berry, P.E. (2012) Molecular phylogenetics and classification of Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce (Euphorbiaceae). Taxon 61(4): 764-789.
2012 Bacon, C.D., McKenna, M.J., Simmons, M.P., Wagner, W.L. (2012) Evaluating multicriteria for species delimitation: an empirical example using Hawaiian palms (Arecaceae: Pritchardia). BMC Evolutionary Biology 12: 23.
2011 Tronchet, F., Lowry II, P.P. (2011) A new species of Meryta (Araliaceae) from the Marquesas Archipelago, French Polynesia. PhytoKeys 4: 149-156.
2011 Wagner, W.L., Lorence, D.H. (2011) A nomenclator of Pacific oceanic island Phyllanthus (Phyllanthaceae), including Glochidion. PhytoKeys 4: 67-94.
2011 Wagner, W.L., Lorence, D.H. (2011) Two new Marquesan species of the southeastern Polynesian genus Oparanthus (Asteraceae, Coreopsidinae). PhytoKeys 4: 139-148.
2011 Govaerts, F. (2011) Nomenclatural clarification of the name Phaius grandiflorus (Orchidaceae). Phytotaxa 24: 58.
2011 Lorence, D.H., Wagner, W.L. (2011) Oxalis simplicifolia (Oxalidaceae), an unusual new unifoliolate species from the Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia). PhytoKeys 4: 53-60.

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